Wild Things Adventures, born from an unwavering passion for South Africa’s natural and cultural riches, was founded by an individual whose life’s journey has traversed the diverse landscapes and cultures of this nation. The company is dedicated to sharing the exceptional beauty and rich heritage of South Africa with a global audience.

The founder, raised as a farmer’s son, cultivated a profound love for the outdoors and a thirst for knowledge, deeply immersed in the language and bushcraft of the Zulu people. Their educational path, including a social sciences degree and experience in U.S. business development, ultimately culminated in a pivotal moment after the loss of their father. It was then that they answered their true calling, becoming a safari guide, immersing themselves in the wilderness, and collaborating with renowned safari companies. This personal journey laid the groundwork for Wild Things Outdoor, a venture that took root in 2015.

Wild Things Outdoor is not merely a business; it’s a reflection of deeply cherished values and a collective of passionate guides and partners who share an unshakable love for adventure, nature, and culture. Together, they craft meticulously tailored experiences for their guests, drawing from their own life stories and expertise.

Every adventure is thoughtfully curated with the aim of leaving lasting memories in the hearts of guests. Beyond leaving footprints on trails, their purpose is to create a legacy of shared journeys and experiences that stand the test of time.

Why have

a guide?

Travelling South African is not a “walk in the park.” Our trails boast steep cliffs, brittle paths, and unpredictable weather that make the presence of an experienced guide essential. On the roads, we encounter drivers whose behaviour can be erratic, but your guide will skilfully navigate you to your destinations, ensuring your safety throughout. Furthermore, with the rising concern of crime targeting weary travellers, a guide’s knowledge of where to go and where to avoid becomes invaluable. But it’s not just about safety; your entire experience will be elevated with their wealth of knowledge and infectious enthusiasm. As you relax and immerse yourself in the adventure, our passionate guides will not only introduce you to the wonders of South African nature and culture but also help you create cherished memories that will last a lifetime.



Passion – for the outdoors.

Knowledge – of our environment.

Care – for people and places.

Courage – to overcome challenges.

Fun – Be safe, have fun, and make memories.



Wild Things’ mission is to create experiences that value priceless memories.

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